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Founded in 2021, Mortem is built on dark, spooky designs that spread a message of positivity, inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration. Join the movement.

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Philly Founded, Philly Made

As well as being founded in Philly, MORTEM also aims to produce its items with local companies, support and promote local artists, and spread the message of collaboration and support even as the company expands beyond Philly.

  • Collection One

    The flagship Mortem collection, designed by founder Forrest Hines

    Collection One 
  • Coffee Club

    A collab with illustrator Michele Scott. We live life coffee in hand.

    Coffee Club 
  • Broken Beauty

    A collab with artist Hillary Cox. We may not be unscathed but we're still beautiful.

    Broken Beauty 
  • Fall Gear

    A collection all about the survival of self over iconography or ideas

    Fall Gear